Project Management Packages & Pricing

Hire me to do your Project Management, from Pinterest to Administrative.

Saving you time to get back to creating. . .

or even better time with your loved ones!

Monthly Project Management Base Prices & Packages:

Packages are shown as monthly retainer.  3 month commitment is required with a

one time $100 new client onboarding fee for the first month.

PINTEREST management|retainer

  • Audit current boards and remove all boards that are not relevant or with less than 25 pins.
  • Edit 12 boards relevant to client’s niche including Pinterest SEO board titles and 25 SEO keyword descriptions in each board.
  • Follow high-quality pinners in client’s niche.
  • Showcase and highlight seasonal/holiday/special events boards.
  • Schedule 25-200 pins per day. This will be based off of the client, goals and their audience.
  • Identify 10 Group Boards relevant to client’s niche and apply
  • Identify Tailwind Tribes relevant to client’s niche and join.
  • Bi-Weekly email with check in and content creation suggestions based off of audience, trends + social listening.
  • Monthly Pinterest Analytics report to include PDF and video review of Pinterest Profile.

Additional tools/programs may be required.  Tailwind is required and to be paid for by client.

ultimate PINTEREST managment | Retainer

  • Pinterest Management as listed above.
  • Loop’s scheduled and managed per niche, season and rules.
  • Up to 10 branded Pinterest Worthy Images using researched Pinterest Keywords a month.
  • Pinterest Re-pin groups applied for and Implemented 3x a week.  One Mega Pin thread participation.  (CLIENTS have seen HUGE increase with this!)


  • 10 PAGE EBOOK | Starting at $250

administrative project management|Retainer

Starting retainer for monthly administrative project management. Services offered but not limited to:

  • GENERAL ADMINISTRAVIE SERVICES | $50/hr | Check, Screen and manage email, data entry proofread and edit correspondence or documents, and sceduling services.
    • DOCS & EXCEL | Correspondence, cover letter, reports, newsletters, menus, handouts, fliers, programs, eBooks,etc.
    • CUSTOMER CARE & RETENTION | Sending greeting cards, e-cards, or mail gifts following up sales/meetings, important business transations or special occasions.
    • MEETING/EVENT ORGANIZATION | Invitation and RSVP management, designing powerpoint presentations, agendas, handouts and single follow-up correspondence to attendees after event.
    • ELECTRONIC ORGANIZATION | Organize and junk email.  Making it easier for you to navigate.
    • RESEARCH & COMPLIANCE | Thorough Research, due diligence, Report and compliance. Jurisdiction, codes, permitting, etc.

Administrative project management|Tailored Package options available

New clients will be required to have a new client call before work begins.  We will discuss who we are specifically speaking to, what you want to achieve out of working together, ideas, goals, etc.

We will create a Social Media Marketing plan for :
o Driving website traffic
o Increasing likes and engagement
o Gain awareness within target markets (dual; investors and customers)
o Create strategy around designed graphics
o Create sales opportunities
o Provide value with relevant content