I wanted to share my favorite beauty product must haves all from Amazon!  I have rounded up everything for you from skincare, makeup, hair and some beauty hacks!  I even share why you MUST include a mini pocket vibrator into your nightly beauty regimen! Lemme guess. . . I have your full attention now!

The Best Amazon Beauty Products

Yes, you read that right, a mini pocket vibrator is my new best friend and not in the way you are thinking.  I’m turning 30 in 2019, and all of a sudden my skincare ears have perked! I’m ready to keep looking fresh and youthful like NOW, not later.  See all the goodies for my favorite beauty products available on amazon, tips, tricks and hacks below!

Let me guess, you think your hunter has alllll the things. I feel you! Mine, my hunting husband is pretty good at doing his research, finding the best of the best and some how it just ends up on our steps 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

Gift Guide for the hunter who has it all

I’ve rounded up some of the top picks this last for your hunter. Chances are they’ve been eye balling it but don’t yet have it. I’ve also included a few unique ideas that always end up getting purchased after friends have seen them in use. These are sure to blow your hunters mind. Check out the best Christmas gifts to buy for the hunter in your life below!

Here’s the deal when it comes to working from home we have the sweet, sweet gift of being our own boss. Our own HR. Our own rulebook which often times means working in what you rolled out of bed or the gym in. However, it’s easy to get in a rut and find yourself unahppy.  From my own experience, I have some easy tips for women to stay productive and happy when working from home!