I wanted to share my favorite beauty product must haves all from Amazon!  I have rounded up everything for you from skincare, makeup, hair and some beauty hacks!  I even share why you MUST include a mini pocket vibrator into your nightly beauty regimen! Lemme guess. . . I have your full attention now!

The Best Amazon Beauty Products

Yes, you read that right, a mini pocket vibrator is my new best friend and not in the way you are thinking.  I’m turning 30 in 2019, and all of a sudden my skincare ears have perked! I’m ready to keep looking fresh and youthful like NOW, not later.  See all the goodies for my favorite beauty products available on amazon, tips, tricks and hacks below!

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Let’s start from the top shall we?  HAIR.  It’s been years coming but I’m finally at that point in my life where my hair is long, it’s healthy and I love where it’s at.  Not to toot my own horn but I get asked constantly about these blonde locks.

PURPLE SHAMPOO is a blonde girls best friend.  It’s needed, it’s a must, it keeps it looking bright and brass free in between appointments. 

I like a cool ashy blonde, so when I wash my hair once a week (yes, ONCE and if you are lucky!) I like to leave it on 5-10 minutes while I shave, try enjoy a few quiet minutes, etc.  PSA don’t leave it on too long, it will deposit purple onto your hair and you’ll have a hue of it. Don’t fret, it will wash out in a few washes.  I love this one because it gets the job done.  It smells good and is affordable.  It doesn’t take much and last a long!

I also LOVE this bust your brass conditioner.  Smells amazing! I used it alongside my purple shampoo for for my Maternity Pictures knowing I wanted my hair to be bright, icy blonde and soft.

Brittney Long Curations Maternity Pictures and her must have Purple Shampoo available on amazon

If you have long hair or hair at all (the hubs finally got his own for his beard after stealing mine!) You need a Wetbrush.  For real, I use to dread brushing out my wet hair. This brush is life altering if you don’t already have one.

OILS.  Oils are all the rage and for a damn good reason.  You’ll see them a few times in here but for my hair I’m a huge fan of the REDKEN DIAMOND OIL.  It works well for your cuticles too.  I love having this to add in my damp hair (not at the roots) and to throw in after drying it, styling it or as I want a little shine.  It really livens up the hair.

Needing Volume?  This root pump is unreal!  My girls that have thin hair even can get thick hair with this bad boy.  Def worth having in the cabinet.  Plus I think it helps your hair from getting oily faster/needing to wash it sooner.

Curling Wand.  I’m all about a sexy messy hair.  If you know me or been here a while you know doing my hair is just a waste of my time (so I think) I struggle wanting to do it.  I love using this wand because it’s fast to do + the curls only get better as the next few days go on! 

The best curling wand available on amazon

So, 15 minutes one day gives me 3 ish days worth of hair styles and a 4th day of the fullest, messiest bun you ever did see. I did a video hair tutorial on this ages ago, but a great place to start if you are new with using a curling wand!

Dry Shampoo. A girls best friend!! What did we ever do without it?!

I have a few favs for different price ranges.  Basically it’s a necessity in my life.  From gym to being a mom I don’t want/have time to wash my hair but need some help.  This does the trick.  My favorite one so far is still the Ameika Dry Shampoo.  Smells incredible and I love that it doesn’t dry out your hair.

More of my favorite hair products available on Amazon:

Makeup. Ah. . . One of my favorite things in the world.  I could do a whole post to on this, okay several posts.  So I’ll just make a makeup series.  P.S. I’ve already created one look that’s a classic wing But here’s my top favorite makeup products available on Amazon!

Brittney Long Curations Makeup Must Haves available on amazon

If I’ve washed my face, put on moisturizer and have lashes on I’m set!  As a blonde-y my lashes are blonde as can be and once I have mascara or lashes on can make the world of difference.  I’m a sucker for eyes and lashes just make me feel awake and human.  These are my GO TO’s for the last year+ and haven’t steered me wrong.  If you’ve wondered what lashes I’m wearing, they are these KISS 11s.

Good skin, lashes and brows.  I think that’s all anyone needs to really enhance what the good lord gave them.  You are already using what you were given, just framing it.  Make brows quick and easy by filling them in with this.

Glowing skin is in.  Did it ever go out? Yeah, I know people love matte.  There is a time and place but I will always think glowing skin is gorgeous.  Lately I think everyone has forgotten about Bare Minerals, although I don’t know why.  I actually believe it’s just super underestimated.  I love their original loose powder formula (they do make matte for you oily skin types)

I love this for a couple reasons 1. I can buff it on in a hurry to just freshen up but not be full glam.  It’s easy and blurs out what you want to quickly hide.  2. It is hands down one of my favorite ways to set my liquid foundation! Every time I do I get compliments.  It photographs well and I have that glow to the skin.  I’m all about keeping it simple or being able to go full glam.

More of my Favorite Makeup Products on Amazon:

Must Have Beauty Products Available on Amazon

You’ve been wondering when this vibrator was going to come into play haven’t you?  No it’s not achieve that flush faced glow. It’s for facial massage!  If you aren’t following Lauryn Evarts Bosstick at The Skinny Confidential you need to!  She’s our kind of person. 

She’s the OG beauty tipster and the genius behind using the vibrator on your face. You need to check out as to why she is basically an at home facial massage guru.  Lauryn has tried it all and she was the guinea pig for us all.  She has had the expensive facial massages and recommends this one on a budget.

Let me tell you what this is no JOKE!  I was going to give it to myself for a stocking stuffer.  Although I was too damn excited to use it (on my face!) and all I could picture was my husbands face Christmas morning when I pulled it out with some smart ass comment like “Wow! Santa sure wanted you to give it to you this Christmas huh?!” Followed by my seven year old wanting to know “Why?!” Ha ha.

Good thing I couldn’t wait because the hubs gave me the look I envisioned when I pulled it from my night stand, turned her on, oiled it up and place it on my . . . FACE!  He asked, I told and it made sense to him.  He’s been seeing me do lymphatic drainage facial massage for a while (again Lauryn’s amazing advice). 

Why you need a mini vibrator for facial massage Best amazon beauty hack

This little thing is so damn relaxing!  You need one.  It  promotes collagen,  tightens the skin and sculpts.  Don’t believe me, buy one anyways and try it!  I also love all the different heads it comes with, really gets in there and gets the job done.  Ya know 😉 ?!

I love a good facial spray and spritzing it on once I’m done with my facial massage or any part of the day.  This Mario Badescu trio is my go to and favorite.  I’m a sucker for Rose anytime of the day and the lavender is perfect to keep on my nightstand for bedtime, the aloe is superb for these dry months.  These facial sprays are the best place to start if you are new to a spritz.  

Mario Badescu Facial Spray one of the best amazon beauty finds

More Skincare Favs available on Amazon:

I also suggest a good Spray Tan!  If you are in Utah, hit me up! It’s insane what a little color can do to give you a pep in your step. 

Wanting to get a spray tan, but not sure where to start? Ask around for a referral, do your research.  Ask how they determine what solution they will use on you and if they provide barrier cream (lotion for dry spots), use a pH balancing spray, a drying powder and before/aftercare instructions.  This is who you want to go to!

If you can’t get in and just want to do it yourself (Get it, been there done that, still do that when needed.) Try these self tanners out! They are green and blue base meaning they won’t turn orange!

You also need this amazing self tanning applicator that helps you get your back!

Alright, I blabbed and blabbed.  These are basically my beauty FAQs, what my clients and I end up chatting about.  Help a sister out right?!  Right!! I love trying out new products and letting you know what is the bomb or what I did/didn’t like about them.  So help me out, what are your go to beauty products this last year?

I clearly loooove me some beauty products.  These needed to be included as well! shop more of my favs below.

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The best beauty products on amazon


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