As a professional spray tan artist, I want to share with you my best tips and tricks to achieve the best, even and long lasting spray tan or self tanner!

How to Prep for your spray tan

There is just something about getting a little bit of a glow to your skin that will put a pep in your step! I’m all about getting some much needed Vitamin D but also protecting your skin.

A Spray Tan or applying a self tanner is the perfect solution, literally. Here is the deal though, are there bad spray tans, colors, applications and fading. . . YES! I don’t want that for you, so I’m going to share my tricks of the trade so that you can get the most out of your tan and help bring that confidence you’ve always had to the surface.

How to pick the best spray tan or self tanner for your skin tone.

Orange. Ooompa-Loompa. Trump. These are the most common concerns I hear when discussing spray tans with a client. Girl, I hear you! I’m not about to let anyone look orange. BUT a bad solution choice can cause this dreadful outcome. Let’s discuss some DO’s and DON’Ts for picking out which spray tan solution you will chose.

How to prep for the best long lasting spray tan:

If you are going to a spray tan artist ask how they will determine which solution they will use for you. NOT all solutions are made fore everyone. So if they don’t have a variety of color ranges then I’d suggest looking into going somewhere else. If they custom mix or base it off of your skin tone and desired out come, then that’s great!

When choosing self tanners I have a few tips.

If you will be doing a self-tan at home, let’s choose the best solution or spray tan color for you.

The most common solution tones I see are Green/Blue or Violet. This is what creates the “tan” while working with your natural skin tone to create a brown/golden color. Think back to art class and mixing paint colors to create different shades of brown.

Violet tone gives you a deep dark brown tan. Green/blue bases tend to give a more golden brown/glowy tan.

Violet solutions look amazing on most blondes. Violet is the way to go if you are Warm – Yellow, peachy, or Golden undertones:

  • Yellow or Golden complexions
  • Green or olive veins in the wrists
  • Skin reflects blue in natural sunlight
  • Tans in the sun easily
  • Has a natural base tan
  • Wears yellow based makeup
  • Looks best in gold jewelry

Green base tanners are your best bet if you don’t meet the above and want just a golden tan that wont’ pull orange. When in doubt, go with a green base tan. Here are a few of my fav Green base tanners I’d suggest:

Here are a few of my fav violet base tanners I’d suggest for your self tans:

If you are doing a self-tan, you will want to make sure you have mitt/glove, most come with them. I highly recommend getting this one to tan those hard to reach places!

There is some preparation on your end to achieve the BEST Spray Tan/Self Tan. Here are the best tips on how to prep your skin for a flawless spray tan:


You will want to Shower, Shave and Exfoliate 2 or more hours (no more than 24 hours) before your spray tan. Showering to close to doing your spray tan can still have your pores open from the shower, creating a freckled appearance. (ex. your appointment is at 2pm the latest you should shower would be before 12pm that same day.)

How to Prep for your Spray Tan

Exfoliate THOROUGHLY. This will remove dead skin and provide a new, smooth surface for your tan. Exfoliating helps to promote even coverage and lengthens the duration of the tan. This allows the skin to return to its normal pH level before you come to your appointment. It is important you exfoliate using a non-oil based exfoliate that will not leave behind any residue.

What’s the best exfoliator for a Spray Tan?

A simple sugar and coffee scrub works great! All products you most likely have at home too! Check out our simple DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes, they work great for your whole body.

Hot Tip! avoid Dove products before and while you have your tan, as they are harsh on Spray Tans. Dove soap and Dove lotions leave a film on your skin that directly leads to a blotchy tan.

After showering DO NOT apply lotions, perfumes, deodorant or makeup. I understand getting your spray tan may take place after work, etc. Makeup wipes are fine to use before your tan to remove your makeup.


Hydrate the skin from the inside out!  Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Tips for achieving the best spray tan at home:

When you are ready to apply your spray tan, first make sure you have waited at least 2 hours since your shower/bath to allow your pores to close for an even tan.

Next, apply a fragrance free lotion (a thick face lotion works great!) to all of your dry areas of your body: Hands, elbows, feet, toes, ankles, lay it on thick! Then light layer on your face/or dry spots!

Work your tan in a circular motion. I start at the bottom(feet) work my way up to my booty, back, around my stomach then my arms, chest, face and lastly neck.

Once you are evenly tan apply a setting powder. Yes, your translucent powder works or talc-free baby powder! Just use a clean makeup brush or cotton ball and get your neck, can even use a flick of the wrist to get your neck from a far. Your inner elbow crease, under arms, under your boobs, down your cleavage, backs of knees.

This helps set it! (obvs!) Helping prevent white patches from bending your arms, neck etc. Plus helps take that tacky feeling away!

WASH your hands immediately. And wipe any excess lotion left off with a wipe. Now baste baby baste!


How you decide to Tan is up to you and your comfort level. If you are working with a spray tan artist they will let you know what they are comfortable with. Wear a darker swim suit, dark bra and/or undergarments to accommodate your comfort level IF needed. But I say who needs tan lines! **Spray Tan Solution washes out of most clothing very easily but tends to stain nylon and Lycra materials; this is why dark clothing is recommended.

Important! After the Tan: Be prepared to wear dark loose fitting clothing after the tan is completed.  Please avoid jeans, leggings, tall socks, boots, etc. While you tan is going to look so freaking good in those ripped jeans later, let it breathe and do it’s magic now! These can cause restriction and rubbing of the tan leading to blotchy tan in those areas. My favorite post tan outfit is a comfy onsie from amazon, what a great excuse to lounge around in it!

All swimming, showering and vigorous exercise must be avoided until after your first shower, sweating can inhibit the development of your tan. Do not shave for at least one day after your treatment. HYDRATE!

How to prep for your spray tan

Let your tan process at least 8 hours, no longer than 24 hours (processing overnight if you had an evening tan is fine) before showering. This allows your tan to develop. Note: Some solutions may have you wash sooner and the tan will develop/get darker over the next few hours.

How do you wash your spray tan off?

When you shower for the first time, it should be a warm shower, with no soaps.  REMEMBER when you tan it is normal to see a pool of color washing off, this is the color guard/bronzer that helps us see where it is as we apply the tan.  Your tan is still there 🙂

Wash your entire body with warm water. After you have washed your entire body with warm water and you no longer see a pool of color, you can use a gentle soap like Sjolie Body Wash or a dye/fragence free soap to get clean.  Most women have Summer’s Eve and that works great for me to use as a body wash without effecting my spray tan!

IMPORTANT: when you are done with your shower, pat yourself dry do not rub yourself dry this could exfoliate your tan!

The following products will lighten or make an airbrush tan blotchy:

Dove soap and Dove products, Hair thinning lotion or removing lotion Anti-aging products or AHA’s Beta Hydroxy Acids-salicylic acid Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin) Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel, Anti-acne products (Accutane, salicylic acid), Facial masks and scrubs, Pore cleansing facial strips ,Wax depilatories Depilatory products, Bleach products for body hair, Hot tubs, chlorine and salt water. Bug sprays – try to spray your clothes instead of you or spray a “cloud” to go through.

Please keep in mind woman’s tan can be directly affected by her hormones. It doesn’t happen often but can cause blotchiness or the tan to not develop properly.  Those who are pregnant may want to consider a patch test to ensure their body reacts properly. 

As always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns! Our tanning appointments at BLC are a JUDGE FREE ZONE, everyone is beautiful and we want them to walk away feeling that way.  Your spray tan artist should do the same!

How to make your spray tan last:

It is recommended you follow these general guidelines to maintain your tan: Moisturize regularly with a harsh free moisturizer. Avoid long hot baths and showers as these speed up exfoliation. Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower. Rubbing your skin may rub off your tan. Avoid swimming pools and seawater, as these are natural exfoliants and can reduce your tan. Moisturize after every shower.

How to Make your spray tan last on vacation

If you will be swimming or getting in the hot tub, apply waterproof sunscreen before you enter, once you are done be sure to rinse immediately! As always HYDRATE!

Spray Tans are a fun way to help feel refreshed but alway remember they DO NOT protect against the sun, so be sure to use your sunscreen!

What are some of your favorite Spray Tan must haves?

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Have dry lips? You are not alone, and you can use a few simple ingredients found in your kitchen to help make your dry lips smooth again with our DIY Sugar Lip Scrubs. Make them at home for yourself or for the perfect homemade beauty Christmas Gift!

One thing winter time is sure to bring. . . Dry skin!  Eh, such a pain (literally!)  For me personally I end up with dry, peeling lips and of course this time of year is when I am wanting to apply my favorite dark lipstick but Dry, peeling lips + Lipstick = Not a pretty combo.  A homemade lip scrub is definitely needed.

Good news, you can exfoliate off that peeling skin and bring it back to life. Not to mention you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do so.  Some of the best ingredients for a great scrub are found right in your kitchen.  It only takes a few ingredients and you have a few different scrub options. Plus, these make for gorgeous thoughtful Christmas gifts.  Let me show you just how easy, useful and gorgeous these scrubs are.  

What are the benefits of a lip scrub?

Lip Scrubs are used to exfoliate removing impurities, dead flaky skin and plump your lips.

Why use sugar as an exfoliate?

One of the obvious reasons to use sugar as an exfoliate is it’s inexpensive and most likely already in your home. To break it down in three reasons with a little science. First, sugars small granules are usually more gentle on skin than a salt scrub. Sugar’s natural humectants properties draws moisture from the environment and hydrate the skin.

Another natural source sugar has a benefit as an exfoliate, is that it has glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that penetrates the skin. This breaks down what bonds skin cells, helping to encourage cell turnover. Which generates fresher, younger-looking skin. You have probably heard of Glycolic acid before, as it typically used to treat sun-damaged and aging skin.


Homemade DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Peppermint Scrub: Sugar, Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and peppermint (more granulated) **Can add food coloring for color if desired.  
While this one just screams “Hey it’s Christmas/Winter time!” with the smell, Peppermint also has been known to help with cold sores when applied topically, while you wouldn’t want to scrub them this a great way to lather up those lips to do what you can to prevent them this season.   

Homemade DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Cinnamon Scrub:  Sugar, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  
Cinnamon is know to bring blood flow to the skin and nutrients, causing plumping.  Here is some great info on benefits of Cinnamon. 

Homemade DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub: Brown sugar, Coffee grounds, Coconut Oil and Honey.  
Coffee exfoliates, tightens and brightens skin.   Hot Tip: This is my favorite scrub to make up quickly to exfoliate off my old spray tan and prep for my next spray tan!


Brown Sugar
Peppermint Oil
Coffee Grounds
Coconut Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jars or a way to store them.  Mason Jars are always a perfect way to give these or I saved these tiny little containers from a previous gift of sample jelly’s (yay for recycling!) 


With the ingredients listed in the flavor options you will want to make these according to your jar size.  Add your sugar and your oils slowly, you will want to kind of mash your coconut oil into the sugar softly and combine.  Be patient and keep mixing, you don’t want to disintegrate your sugar.

Once it is combined and still has a sugary finish but sticks together with a thick paste texture you are done!  With the peppermint oil only use a drop or two, it goes a LONG way.  Honey will only take a few drops as well.  ​Remember it’s always easier to add more later if needed.  


Over a sink, scoop out desired amount, I would suggest enough to scoop out on your index finger, apply to your lips by patting on,  then taking a soft (yes, you want a soft) toothbrush or wash cloth scrub around to exfoliate.  You can apply more scrub as needed.  Feel your lips, did you get all the dry skin off? If no, you can add more and keep scrubbing.  If Yes?!  Now wipe off with damp towel and apply your favorite lip balm.  

While these are packaged up for your lips, I use these same recipes for my body exfoliators, especially when prepping for my spray tans!


Keep your lip scrub refrigerated. It can be stored for about 2 weeks in refrigerator.  Have you gotten yourself one of these mini beauty product fridges to store all your masks, oils, rollers and scrubs in yet? It’s a MUST! I love this one with the built in Bluetooth speaker, perfect for getting ready with or unwinding.

Give a lip scrub with our Christmas gift note + directions and your favorite lip balm, for a gorgeous, unique and useful gift from the heart.  Get the FREE printable here!

Now you have the women in your life covered for Christmas, but you need to get your hard to buy for man a gift? I’ve got the most unique gift guide for your outdoors-men here!

What are you favorite ways to keep your skin moisturized in the dry winter months?  Do you have a favorite combination of kitchen items to use on your skin?  

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How to make your own DIY Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.  Includes FREE Christmas Gift Printable.

Fall clearly calls for pumpkin everything! One of my favorite pumpkin recipes are these super easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Easy Traeger Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Recipe!

These are a family favorite and wow the crowd every time we make them. They taste insanely good while camping and are starting to become a hunting camp tradition.

My husband and son LOVE these {which says a lot because the hubby isn’t big on desserts}  This is a family recipe that my mom taught us to make, and everywhere you take these everyone wants the recipe. . . . they are so good you will want everyone to think you are this baking genius and they are super complex but they are far from.  

My husband recently got him (and me!) a Traeger and one of the first ideas he had for something different to cook on it were these Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Brilliant! I didn’t have to heat up my house for dessert and just swapped out dinner for dessert while we ate and I can not explain the new robust spice flavors these cookies had.

Now I’ve got to try making our Mini Pumpkin Pies on the Traeger for Thanksgiving! These are super fun for the kiddos to make for get together too.

I love taking these to events, parties, etc because its a different spin on the regular pumpkin pie and will knock any other cookies out. Sorry! LOL. (Actually, our Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies are pretty popular too, It’s been compared to Crumbl!)

Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Make these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies ahead of time for your next camping trip and prep some of these other amazing camping recipes! If you are packing for your hunter be sure they have everything they need or prep for Christmas with this Guide for your hunter!

Want to learn how easy they really are? Get the recipe below!

How to make easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies on the Traeger:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are so moist, chewy and packed full of flavor. Wnat the pumpkin spice flavors to be more robust? Bake these on your Traeger.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword Cookie, Fall, Pumpkin Spice
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 24 Cookies


  • 1 Box Spiced Cake Mix

    ex. Betty Crocker Super Moist Spice Cake Mix
  • 1 Can (15 oz.) Pure Pumpkin Purée

  • 1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Package (12 oz.) Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


  1. Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. Combine Spiced Cake Mix, pure pumpkin purée and vanilla extract and mix.

  3. Fold in chocolate chips.

  4. Coat baking sheet in non stick cooking spray.

  5. Place 1" cookie dough onto cookie sheet (These are thick cookies, they do not spread or widen when they bake.) 

  6. Bake for 8-12 minutes.

Baking Cookies in your Traeger (This gives cookies spice a more robust flavor)

  1. Turn your Traeger on, open the lid and set to "Smoke" setting for 5 minutes.

  2. After 5 minutes of it on the smoke, adjust your tempature to the convetional heat of 350.

  3. Bake for 8-12 minutes or until cookies are poked and the mix comes out clean (minus melted chocolate chips. )

Recipe Notes

Cookies will rise a little in size but do not spread much in diameter.  

These taste great warm or cooled down and stay extremely moist when kept in air tight container.

Not a fan of chocolate chips?  We’ve substituted Chopped Walnuts and it was the perfect swap and combination.  

Over the last couple years I’ve done some easy to more advanced looks using just my makeup and some clothes I have in my closet for the perfect DIY Halloween costume ideas for moms! Below You can get inspired from Wednesday Addams, Glam Ninja Turtle, a Cat and Melted Face to Skeleton Makeup.

The best last minute DIY costume ideas for Moms and Women. How to. Easy DIY Costume for women and moms using just your makeup.

You’ve got everyone else ready for Halloween and realize you don’t know what you are going to be! I got you mama!

My go to and favorite for Halloween: Wednesday Addams. She is perfect for a DIY costume for moms. Using just your makeup and little black dress you’ll be Halloween ready in less than an hour!

DIY Makeup Wednesday Addams for Moms

I’m a sucker for Halloween. While most little girls dreamed of being princesses, I wanted to be Wednesday Addams. She has to be one of my all time favorite characters! Getting into character and embodying it for a day scares the shit out of my husband, making me love it more! Muhahah.

DIY Wednesday Addams is pretty easy to throw together, she’s all about letting your inner homicidal maniac out. Don’t try and hide your RBF, then use that little black dress you know you have in your closet pull over a collard shirt or our favorite cool weather sweaters, forget your spray tan, contour those cheeks and eye lids with a cool tone brown or grey, find your deepest darkest red/black lippy to match your Wednesdays mood and embrace her.

Most of all, have fun planting that little seed in your significant others brain about how dark and terrifying you really can be. It will come in handy throughout the year I promise 😉

Pro Tip: Buy a black wig and keep it! These are fairly cheap and you can just store it with your Halloween Decorations. It will come in handy for random costumes and events! Witches, Mavis, etc.

This Little Black T-Shirt Dress on Amazon would be great for a quick Wednesday Addams costume but versatile/ comfy to just have on hand! pair with a denim jacket for fall!

Feeling super creative and ready to push your makeup skills. Try this Melted face skull makeup that you can do at home using makeup you already have!


I was inspired by Desi Perkins for this makeup. I wanted to really to push my limits this last year, do something fun, scary but not to scary to make my kids not want to be around me, ha! And a little glam all balled into one for Halloween. I am so glad I did!!!

Check out Desi’s How to Video for some inspiration and then make her your own! Needing an idea for how to do your makeup on the glam side of your face, check out our fall makeup look perfect for this.

Melted Face Skeleton Makeup DIY costume for Mom

It’s my favorite look to date, and I wish I could have gotten better pics of it because it was honestly AMAZING and tripped everyone out a little. Mission accomplished!

You can style this makeup look however you want, a glam dress that’s distressed would be wicked! But I just went fairly simple for trick or treating and paired with my fav Over-the-knee boots, leggings and leather jacket.

Pro Tip: Don’t have the skin glue Desi uses, I used Lash Glue!

As you are getting ready for Halloween don’t forget to make your own Healthy Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It’s the perfect drink to get ready for the party or just cuddle up and read with.

I’m a boy mom as you’ve seen above with my little tribe. Therefore Ninja Turtles are a big deal. One year my oldest was Mikey from TMNT and I did a Donatello Mask for my Easy DIY Halloween costume.

Ninja Turtle Glam Makeup for Moms, easy DIY.

I went with the purple mask because I have green eyes it made them POP (but my old phone pics don’t pick this up) plus, I had a ton of purple eye shadow I could use on hand. This could work with a number of different masked super heros, but this was quick and simple. Just what I needed.

I pulled my hair back to give the illusion of the mask being tied back, curled it like this and threw on my TMNT tee shirt! My little boy was super excited that mama joined in on his costume.

Check out how to do your makeup like a cat for this quick and easy Halloween costume using just your everyday makeup!  

How to do your makeup like a cat for halloween.  Easy DIY Costume for women and moms using just your makeup.

I wanted to create a look for Halloween that is fun, fierce, easy and with things that you most likely will have on hand! 

With that, I started to think: I have my trusty Maybelline gel eyeliner that works wonders, easy to apply and create with.  Lately I have been obsessing over the cat eyed eyeliner. . .So why not take it to the NEXT level!  I don’t know a whole lot about cats other than they give me allergies and I can’t breath well while around them. . .Yes, I have looked a few in the eyes a time or two giving them my best dirty look! But every time I have looked at a cat, I am mesmerized by their eyes! I wanted the eyes to be the main focus of this look.  So low and behold. . . We have the Feline look! 

How to do your makeup like a cat for a DIY last minute Halloween costume:

First apply your foundation as you normally would.  Once you have completed that you can apply just a simple nude eye shadow to your eyes.  I used the Naked eye shadow pallet, and used the “pink” color for my lid, and the brown/taupe color lightly for the outer “v” and crease of my lid.  Now the fun begins!!

Eyes: You will want to first work with the natural shape of your lid by lining the top, once you reach the outer corner of your lid you start to do a thick wing to do the cat eye effect on the outer corner, fill or remove liner where you like it.  Take your top liner down to the tear duct of your eye and naturally follow the shape your eye, going past and following your nose slightly.  This will help create the cats tear duct.  Then follow that back up to the bottom of your tear duct. 

For my eyes it was thicker on the bottom to create a good cat tear duct. Work with what looks good to you.  You can then line the rest of your bottom lash line,  have the bottom liner meet the cat eyed liner on the top. Once you are please with your liner, line your lash line on both the top and bottom.

For the Nose: Just draw a straight line across the tip of your nose and fill in everything below on your nose.  Then draw a medium to thick line going down to your cupids bow.  Lips: Line your lips with the liner and fill in your top lip with the liner.  I would suggest putting on chap stick before you do this step.   For the bottom lip use your concealer or foundation to make it match your skin the best you can. 

To contour your eyes use a dark shadow/or bronzer.  I used the brown color out of the Wet n Wild pallet and thickly filled in my brows, don’t be afraid to be a little messy with this.  You then want to follow the top socket of your eyes and lightly blend out your eye brows to the outer corner of your eye liner.  Also take the brown used for your brows and contour it down the bridge of your nose (deeper at first and then fading away as you proceed down the nose.)

To create rounded cat cheeks: Contour your cheeks and follow up and around the apples of your cheeks until they look round.  I also go through and contour your forehead and jawline.  From here you simple add small dots on the now round part of your checks.  I would suggest using a light hand, the darker dots were just a little too bold.  Use your Q-tip to clean up any imperfections of for a sharper or smudged effect, along with your concealer.  You can set the gel liner with any black shadow you might have or translucent powder. I had this look on for about 2-3 hours and nothing moved even my lips.

Creating your cat ears with your hair when you don’t have fake cat ears:

How to do your makeup like a cat for halloween.  Easy DIY Costume for women and moms using just your makeup.

I didn’t have any ears to add to my Feline look.  So I decided to use my hair!! Hell, it was on my head anyways, might as well use it. 

This was quick and easy-I’m sure the options are endless for this.  To achieve this look you will first want to create a bump (Teasing bangs, or hair in front and brushing back and pinning back)  Then I separated my hair down the middle to create two ears.  I pulled my hair up on each side to the position I wanted my “ears” to be located. 

I only did a half pony tail, where I did not pull my hair completely through once my hair was tight.  I then took any of the remainder of my hair (on the bottom side) and tucked it into or looped it into the elastic on the bottom.  This will give it a little support from the bottom and have your half pony stand higher. 

For clothes or costumes. . . Like this whole look.  Use whatever you have on hand!! If you have something to make a tail, make a tail.  I personally paired it with all black (long sleeve shirt, leggings and boots.  Not pictured because I was unable to get a full body shot.) 

Anyone else love a good reason to play with makeup and have a little fun? What is your go to Halloween look? Have you accumulated a little to add to a costume you do each year or try something new?

xx, Brittney

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You are going to love having all of the BEST camping recipes in one spot! We have everything from Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and unique campfire desserts. These recipes include easy camping meal ideas for families and camping food hacks!

Breakfast Camping Recipes:

Using your griddle or Campchef while outdoors in the morning sipping on your coffee, just relaxes your soul thinking about it. I think everything tastes better while camping but Breakfast is out of the world when camping! Add these delicious new breakfast ideas to your camping menu next time you fire up your griddle.

This Boy Scout Campout Bacon Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich recipe from Call Me PC is a big, bad breakfast sandwich with all your favorite breakfast foods in one convenient, hand-held package!

Boy Scout Campout Bacon Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich

Wanting a the Perfect Camping Griddle Breakfast Skillet? Cook Eat Go has you covered!

If you are looking for a Paleo and gluten-free option Strength and Sunshine‘s Roasted Skillet Breakfast Potatoes With Peppers & Onions would be the perfect way to start your day!

If you are like my husband he usually fasts in the morning and then enjoys his breakfast mid-morning/early afternoon. When the time comes to eat he’s usually got a creative idea incorporating breakfast and dinner foods. This Chili, SPAM & Eggs from Fab Food 4 All is right up Cody’s alley.

Chili SPAM & Eggs for a great breakfast skillet for camping!

Appetizer for camping:

I know I’m not alone that when I think if packing for camping I think of snacks & if I’m feeling fancy appetizers to share with our friends! When we head outdoors with friends, we usually know we’ll be swapping snacks & appetizers as we prep our meal or hang by the fire. Something about camping just says snackin’ and these are the best appetizers for Camping!

Eating Richly won me over with these Campfire or Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms. This has to be one of the BEST and unique recipes I’ve seen for the campfire. I can ensure, we will be making these this weekend! I’ll leave the kids to roasting their sweets, while I roast these!

Campfire or Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms for a camping appetizer.

Hot Tip:

When packing your food for camping snacks are important! However, too many processed foods are easy to grab & go. While balance is everything in a diet, don’t forget to pack fruits & veggies! These help ensure you get your fiber, vitamins and minerals. They will help you stay full longer, energized and not so sluggish. That way you can enjoy your treats guilt-free!

If you’ve been to BLC before, you know we live for a good Chacuterie Board, any day, any occasion and camping isn’t excluded. Chacuterie items are easy to store/use for other recipes (Camping 101, use ingredients for several camping recipes=less packing/items/more room). Everyone can chip in on bringing something and it’s fun how it rustically comes together. In my opinion my more and tasty than chips out of a bag.

Speaking of Chips, I am a sucker for nachos! These Grilled Nachos from Let’s Camp Smore are a great way to serve up your favorite appetizer making it easy for everyone to dive in. These include some fresh ingredients and even a sweet potato option!

Grilled Nachos for Camping.

Camping Hack!

See those aluminum pans used for Nachos? If are going to be reheating items in your stove or doing large quantities over the open fire, these are perfect! My favorite way to use them is to prep meals ahead of time. Put them in the aluminum pan with the lids, store and reheat! Less cook time, less cleanup, less water used and more time spent enjoying camping!

A classic and favorite around these parts is Cowboy Caviar, if you are going to dip into something or use it for a salad this is just the thing. Tasty Galaxy shares the perfect Cowboy Caviar recipe for camp, how to use it and what exactly it is!

Lunch Recipes for camping:

Lunch always seems to be super chill and just roll with the day at our camp. My boys love to keep it simple as we enjoy nature and we usually just revert back to sandwiches or wraps. Here are a few of our favorite lunch ideas for when you are camping.

Lunch ideas for when you are camping with this Giant Sandwich.

This Giant Backpackers Sandwich from Eating Richly is the best sandwich for a day outside with layer upon layer of meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and condiments, stacked several inches high in a bread shell. Making it perfect to pack around and fill up on.

Into an open face sandwich? Try their Campfire Sausage Sandwich with Roasted Red Peppers!

Needing a gluten-free camping lunch option? This Big, Buff and Cheesy Gluten-Free Sandwich from This Vivacious Life is your ticket to a rustic and filling lunch. I’ve personally had This Vivacious Life’s homemade sandwiches and let me tell you, she knows how to make a meaty delicious sandwich.

Camping food packing tip:

Loose the bread and bring romaine lettuce or your favorite tortilla/wraps. This saves on bulky packing, smashed bread and adds extra fiber + gives you the option to make breakfast burritos as well.

Make ahead recipes for camping:

One of my favorite things to do when going camping is to make things ahead of time to just warm up/finish up when we get to camp. This saves me on time, gas, etc. Plus it just gives me more quality time with my family than in the kitchen. I’m all about relaxing while out in the woods. Try making these recipes ahead of time for your next camping trip. These get better as they sit a day or two allowing the flavors to be robust.

How to Make Elk Venison Chili

Our Elk/Venison Slow Cooker Chili is the perfect recipe for camping. Make it ahead of time, put it in a container and reheat. The flavors are unreal as they have combined. Pair it with your favorite fixings or my kids favorite way is to have Walking Tacos!

How to make Walking Tacos:

Take your favorite individual/snack size chips, crunch chips in bag, open, add into bag on top of chips cheese, chili, sour cream and combine. Give them a fork and let them enjoy their fun camping dinner out of a bag! Works great with your favorite meat seasoned with taco seasoning and adding in lettuce and salsa!

Recipe This has a great Instant Pot Baked Ziti With Homemade Ragu it is easy to make and provides you with the ultimate creamy sauce for your baked ziti. Loaded with cheese and vegetables it would be great to make ahead of time and pair with some campfire garlic toast. The best part, if you don’t make it ahead of time, it only takes 17 minutes!


These Vegan Potato Cakes with Carrot and Rice from Little Sunny Kitchen are perfect to make ahead of time with your left over potato! Plus the kids love these, and we are always looking for a toddler friendly recipe.

Delicious side recipes for camping:

These are some delicious side recipes to make while you are camping. They are even so incredible you could just use these as your main course.

When I think of camping and dinners, I honestly think of foil packet or Hobo Dinners (what we called them growing up) Anyone else? You can do so many insanely flavorful dishes with them. When in doubt dump what you got in some aluminum foil and throw it on the coals!

These easy Campfire Potato Foil Packs are flavorful, loaded potatoes cooked inside foil packs, then topped with melty cheese and bacon. This quick, delicious, and nourishing side dish recipe is great while camping or in the oven for any occasion! No pans to wash afterward makes the cook happy too!

Call Me PC’s Campfire Potato Foil Packs are flavorful, loaded potatoes cooked inside foil packs, then topped with melty cheese and bacon.  These scream my childhood camping trips and still to date one of my families favorite thing to add to our foil packets.

Mexican Air Fryer Corn on The Cob.

You can never go wrong in the warmer months with corn on the cob. It’s a grilling summer classic and perfect for camping. Recipes from a Pantry’s Mexican Air Fryer Corn On The Cob + Grill Version is just what you need to add to your next camping menu!

Ever had Grilled Pineapple? If not, you are missing out on life!! I picked up the simple ingredients for this recipe by Dancing Through The Rain today so that I can enjoy this in just a few short days. Honestly, wow your camp with this unique healthy side.

Easy caprese pasta Salad for cmaping

Masala Herb’s Easy Caprese Pasta Salad is the perfect summer salad classic with a twist! It’s easy to make, refreshing and light. You also don’t want to forget to add their Easy Crab Salad Recipe for all your seafood lovers!

Dinner recipes for camping:

These are the best Dinner recipe ideas for camping. We have everything from surf to turf. Foil Packets, skillets and grilling. If you are looking to plan your dinner menu for your next camping trip, look no further. You are sure to wow your camp with these meals!

Who Needs a Cape has this quick and simple Cheesy Potato & Sausage Foil Packets!

Shrimp Foil Packets With Zucchini {Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten-Free}

These Shrimp Foil Packets With Zucchini from Recipes from a Pantry are a new favorite at our camp! They are fresh, healthy and low carb. Perfect for both mama counting her macros and my kids just wanting something healthy and scrumptious!

Fodal has amazing healthy grilling options with these Grilled Balsamic Lamb Kabobs and their Sweet and Tangy Honey Lime Chicken Skewers!

If you are looking for some insanely delicious low carb options for the grill try Low Carb Yum’s Low Carb Chicken Fajitas on Skewers and Pinchos Puerto Rico Marinated Grilled Chicken Kebabs!

Recipes from a Panty’s Campfire stew is simple & delicious. Perfect for the cooler months up on the mountain.

Veggie Desserts Lentil Tomato Stew is not only delicious, nutritious and filling but all made in one pot!

If you have a hard time making the perfect hamburger, than you definitely need to check out Healthy Christian Home’s Tips and recipe for the Perfect Every Time Classic Burger. What’s firing up the grill without a hamburger?

Dessert recipe ideas for camping:

It’s hard to think of sitting by the open fire without enjoying dessert. Specifically s’mores but we have some more unique dessert recipe ideas for you for your next camping trip from s’more dips to cookies and fruit!

If you love s’mores you are sure to The Flying Couponer’s Ultimate Campfire Smores Dip. It is made with delicious mini marshmallows, Hershey chocolate bars and crispy Honey Graham sticks.

Let’s Camp S’more has Campfire S’mores Nachos that look out of this world and something the kiddos would love to not only eat but help make!

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to the classic s’mores Home Cooking Memories has the perfect idea for dessert with this Easy Grilled Banana Dessert Bar!

I love all the s’more flared desserts without actually having to roast them on the stick. Even better when you can reach in without getting sticky and enjoy the flavor with a crunch with Pink Fortitude’s S’Mores Muddy Buddies that are Gluten Free & Allergy Free!

S’Mores Muddy Buddies – Gluten Free, Vegan & Allergy Friendly

Pulling Curls 7 Layer Brownies in the Dutch Oven look out of this world and something fun and new to try. I love the idea of the salty and sweet in this dessert!

 layer brownies in the dutch oven for camping.

The dutch oven is a classic when camping. Another fantastic and classic dutch oven dessert is the Dutch Oven Dump Cake! Let’s Camp S’more shares this classic recipe that’s a must try if you’ve never experienced a Dutch Oven dump Cake.

If you love the grilled pineapple than you are going to salivate for this Grilled Watermelon. Pink Fortitude share’s their secret for the perfect Grilled Watermelon and just how make it! This is my kind of dessert! Healthy but packed full of flavor you never knew existed!

The Secret to Perfectly Delicious Grilled Watermelon

I hope these recipes and idea for your next camping trip help inspire you and make up some of your menu! I’d love to hear what is a classic camping recipe that yo make? Have you taken any classics and given them your own flare?

I also love a good hack making life easier, especially when it comes to camping: Share your best Camping hack below!

xx, Brittney

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This is an easy and healthy 3 ingredient dough recipe that is perfect for making healthy Pizzas, Buns, Bagels and more. It’s even WW (Weight Watcher) approved and macro friendly!

Easy and healthy pizza dough recipe that is weight watchers approved.  Only 3 ingredients.

As someone who doesn’t get to enjoy a lot of bread like items due to allergies/sensitives, I was stoked to find this easy and healthy dough recipe! It is so versatile for making many different items. Plus it’s easy, healthy and only has 3 ingredients! It’s a busy woman’s go to! Check it out below!

I decided to try this when I saw my girl Mallory Ervin make this on her YouTube channel. I was thinking how easy, delicious and indulgent with out the guilt it looked. So I had to try it out ASAP!

Making homemade healthy pizzas with this easy 3 ingredient dough was the first recipe to try!

My boys love to make homemade pizza’s on the weekend, and while I love the time with them in the kitchen. The thought of Pizza has never really gotten me excited. It’s not my favorite thing to eat (I know gasp!) Plus I always end up with a gut ache. I’ve gotten to where I just avoid it. I’m more of an antipasto salad kind of girl.

Easy and healthy pizza dough recipe that is weight watchers approved.  Only 3 ingredients.

However, after I saw Mal’s video. A fresh pizza sounded incredible with a glass of red wine. My boys looked at me odd while making it adding in yogurt and wished me good luck. . . Don’t knock it because Oh my oh my!!

This was Pizza heaven, I have to say, this went above and beyond my expectations! The husband even snuck some bites in and was super impressed.

how to make ww approved pizza dough

My husband laughed at me enjoying Pizza because he’d never seen me a.) enjoy pizza b.) not complain about a belly ache after. I ate the whole damn thing knowing I planned my day, workout and marcos around this meal. I was satisfied but not over indulgent. It was perfect! Isn’t that the BEST feeling?!

You can even make bagels with this easy and healthy 3 ingredient dough recipe!

So, of course I got the hang of making the dough and decided to use it to make some kind of base for an egg sandwich (my guilty pleasure). Using this dough recipe as a base and working off of that by not kneading it out at the end with flour was the ticket! I topped it with some Everything but the Bagel Seasoning and Lord it was good <3

How to make the best 3 ingredient healthy bagel dough recipe

Finally, a healthy breakfast sandwich and a latte I could enjoy guilt free!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy it this dough as a bagel is with lox! Give a girl a healthy homemade bagel, some lox, Kite Hill cream cheese and a few minutes to herself. .. and she will be recharged!

Easy and healthy bagel dough recipe that is weight watchers approved.  Only 3 ingredients.

Who knew one could be so freaking excited about a dough recipe! But after a long time of not being able to make a sandwich, enjoy it, feel good after and be within my macros that is a victory! (I know I’m not alone!)

I played around with this recipe a lot, if you have the base recipe (below) you can add yogurt or flour to get the consistency you are looking for. Like dinner rolls (the base recipe below) I finally could dip into my Elk/Venision Slow Cooker Chili, MMMMHMMM!

easy and healthy 3 ingredient dough recipe for pizza, bagels, buns and more!  Weight watcher approved.

Major tip for this recipe is you MUST use Self Rising Flour or it will not work with just flour. I just use the Gold Medal brand, as this is what was available for me plus you can order it from Amazon.

If you have any favorite organic self rising flour brands, let me know below. I’d love to check them out!

Shop my favorites for baking this dough below!

Amazon affiliate disclaimer.

Learn how to make a quick, easy and healthy 3 ingredient dough for healthy pizzas, bagels, buns and more below!

Easy and healthy pizza dough recipe that is weight watchers approved. Only 3 ingredients.

Easy and Healthy Dough Recipe (WW Approved)

This is an easy two ingredient dough recipe that is easy to throw together and perfect for making Pizza, Buns, Bagels, etc.  

Course Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine American, Italian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 260 kcal


  • 1/2 Cup Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 Cup Self Rising Flour
  • Pinch of Salt


  1. Pre-Heat Oven to 400 Degrees

  2. Combine Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt, salt and Self Rising Flour.  **Dough will be sticky. 

  3. Place dough mixture onto a lightly floured surface.  Knead until it forms a more dough like consistency. 

  4. Roll dough out or cut into desired shape and thickness. 

  5. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet or pizza pan/stone if making pizza.  

  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until crust is browned and cooked all the way through.

For Pizza. Take a fork and poke holes around the pizza to help prevent the crust from bubbling. Bake for 5-10 minutes without ingredients. Then remove from oven, add your desired ingredients and bake remaining time. Until crust is golden brown and toppings are cooked accordingly.

For Bagels. Form into a Bagel shape. Use one egg to lightly wash the top of each bagel before going into the oven to seal and help create a nice golden crust. Top with Bagel Seasoning or desired toppings.

To create an airy moist biscuit like bread, leave dough at sticky consistency and skip placing dough onto lightly flour surface. Take mixed dough from bowl and portion out onto parchment lined/non stick sprayed baking sheet. Can top with egg wash and desired seasoning if any. Bake until golden brown.

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The best 3 ingredient pizza dough recipe that is easy and healthy!  Weight Watcher approved!
The best easy and healthy bagel recipe

Let me guess, you think your hunter has alllll the things. I feel you! Mine, my hunting husband is pretty good at doing his research, finding the best of the best and some how it just ends up on our steps 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

Gift Guide for the hunter who has it all

I’ve rounded up some of the top picks this last for your hunter. Chances are they’ve been eye balling it but don’t yet have it. I’ve also included a few unique ideas that always end up getting purchased after friends have seen them in use. These are sure to blow your hunters mind. Check out the best Christmas gifts to buy for the hunter in your life below!

Here’s the deal when it comes to working from home we have the sweet, sweet gift of being our own boss. Our own HR. Our own rulebook which often times means working in what you rolled out of bed or the gym in. However, it’s easy to get in a rut and find yourself unahppy.  From my own experience, I have some easy tips for women to stay productive and happy when working from home!